About This Site

Site Purpose and Management

We have opened “Live in Hiroshima” as a site that makes it easier for foreigners living in Hiroshima to search for various kinds of information about daily life and use that information for living.
On Live in Hiroshima, we gather and post various kinds of administrative information by field, translated into multiple languages by Hiroshima Prefecture and municipalities within the prefecture, as well as transmit information about cultural exchange events and the like.

This site was created using a grant from the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations.

This site was created by the International Affairs Division, Hiroshima Prefectural Government, and is operated by the Hiroshima International Center.
The Hiroshima International Center is engaged in “multicultural coexistence” together with Hiroshima Prefecture and municipalities in the prefecture in order to promote cultural exchange and the development of a more livable environment for foreigners.


Please be aware that inquiry desks, various consultation desks, and linked sites may not support multiple languages.

Please be aware that the contents of systems and consultation/inquiry desks in each material are subject to change from when they were created.